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How To Graduate from "Chasing Deals" to Creating Wealth in Real Estate, Real Estate Investing and Online Business

Learn the EXACT COPY AND PASTE STRATEGIES thousands of other regular people have used to create multiple streams of automated generational income, without needing hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started.

P.S. We generated 9 streams of income in an 8 week period in our current market with just a few minor tweaks to our business, adding in automated systems, with no interruption in our existing business


Check out some of our reviews and testimonials! We have over 500 Wealth Creators training with us, creating their businesses and experience massive success

"I just wanted to learn how to do real estate, and I was able to close on 3 deals in 2 months... and now I am automating my income"

"Since meeting this community my life has changed. They are expert investors, who are continuously building their real estate portfolio. They either know know the answer to your question or know the person who can answer it for you. Sacrificing countless hours, they push me to get what I want in the business of real estate investing. The success of the students is equally important as their own. Not only have they been a fantastic example of investors and encouragement, but they also have been amazing friends throughout the process -Sean S

I learned how to not "chase" deals ever again. Now excellent deals come to me everyday - Eddie B.

We created Passive income and now my husband and I are stay at home parents

- T. Johnson

In Today's Free Training, WE WILL REVEAL...


The Exact Streams of Income that Dramatically Increased our monthly recurring income, allowing us to have income "BEYOND THE HAMSTER WHEEL OF PERSONAL PRODUCTION"


The Exact Automation(s) that we use so we will never chase a prospect or make a cold call again. Interested and qualified prospects make appointments with us!


The Little Known Financial methods that the Rockefellers and the super wealthy use to grow and protect wealth,

Simultaneously deferring taxes indefinitely


  • Best Selling Author
  • Native Californian
  • Created Multiple Streams of Income
  • Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • Hard Money Lender, Real Estate Investor
  • Real Estate Licensed (CA)
  • Insurance Licensed
  • Vortex Banking Practitioner


Hey! My name is "Cowboy" Keith Jenkins, I'm the founder of Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs. I am a real estate agent, insurance agent, best selling author and a "nationwide" real estate investor.

My wife and I work from our home office near San Diego Ca.

At our core, NREIC (Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs) is a Next Level Real Estate investment Company. We offer Real Estate Agents, Investors and others the opportunity to "level up" their businesses, Graduating from "chasing deals" to creating wealth in real estate, real estate investing and online business.

Once we perfected our system, we decided to share it with others, and our company was born.

By building your business a very specific way with specific streams of income and specific tools, you can also duplicate EXACTLY what we have already proven to work

This obviously created GREAT RELATIONSHIPS with us and our clients, many of them feeling like this was the "first time" they we really able to build a real business online.